Frequently Asked Questions

Our aim is to make your move or goods transportation as stress-free as possible. We have 22 years of experience and are professionals so you can rely on our advice and expertise in handling your goods with Managing Director Adrian Fox always there to provide a hands on experience for clients.

Is there anything you won’t take?2019-02-04T19:50:58+00:00

We do not take food stuffs and plants into store; nor do we store combustible materials such as paraffin, gas bottles, paints or oil.

Can you take appliances?2019-02-04T19:27:54+00:00

Cookers, washing machines, fridges, freezers and dishwashers should be clean, defrosted, empty and drained of water. Please disconnect prior to moving.

Are you a UK removals company that requires Carlton Carriers’ services?2019-01-30T18:54:46+00:00

The Carlton Carriers team, led by Adrian Fox based in Jersey, supports UK firms in the removal of goods from their own premises or their client’s premises – to Jersey, Channel Islands. Carlton Carriers offers a bespoke door to door service as removals used to be, ensuring complete customer care from start to finish.

Can you take plants?2019-02-04T19:30:45+00:00

Yes. Make sure you water these the day before and make sure that the pots are well drained. It is a good idea to put the pots into a plastic bin liner to prevent any water or soil leakage. Please put small pot plants into a plastic lined box. We do not store plants.

Can you take tools and garage contents?2019-02-04T19:31:48+00:00

Yes, we can take tools, however, please ensure that all tools are clean and remember that we will not move flammable materials. Make sure that petrol is drained from petrol driven mowers and machinery.

Do you offer storage services?2019-02-04T19:33:27+00:00

We offer secure, dry storage facilities and can accept individual items, furniture, or business archive material on a temporary or long term basis. Rest assured that when leaving your precious household items and furniture with us, they will be as perfect when they leave our store as they were when they were placed within it.

Can you take delicate items?2019-02-04T19:34:39+00:00

Yes, we do but, should you have an item that is extremely fragile, Carlton Carriers stocks odd shape boxes to suit all requirements, i.e. ornate lamps,
or delicate items (including bubble and polystyrene chips).

Before moving

  • Do not forget about items in your loft, cellar, shed, outhouse or garage.
  • Please let us know about any difficulty at the destination i.e. parking problems for large vehicles.
  • Please make sure we can contact you should you be in transit as we move your goods i.e. mobile phone numbers and if possible provide us with the name and telephone number of someone at the destination we are delivering to.
  • Do let us know if your new home has steps up to it, narrow or difficult staircases, or any difficult access i.e. over grass or up narrow pathways some distance from where the vehicle will be parked.